World Triathlon sanctions Russian triathlon federation due to doping violations

(Photo: World Triathlon)

“Due to the significant number of doping cases in Russia” World Triathlon has decided to sanction the Russian triathlon federation for a period of one year. The past few months, three of Russia’s pro triathletes tested positive for doping: Igor Polyanskiy, Alexander Bryukhankov and Vladimir Turbayevskiy. In the first two cases it was EPO and the latter showed abnormalities in blood samples indicating blood manipulation.

  • The Russian triathlon federation will be sanctioned for a period of one year. Every three months, World Triathlon will review whether the federation complies with the following measurements:
  • The Russian Triathlon Federation will reach an agreement with RUSADA to test all Russian athletes, especially all those athletes who will be competing internationally.
  • The Russian Triathlon Federation will, together with World Triathlon, create an education plan for Russian athletes and coaches in regard to doping issues.
  • The Russian Triathlon Federation will compensate and refund the prize monies previously awarded to the Russian triathletes sanctioned with doping offenses.
  • Russian Triathlon Federation officials must resign from any World Triathlon and European bodies for the period of one year.
  • The Russian Triathlon Federation cannot organize any World or European Triathlon events for one year (until the end of 2022).
  • The Russian National Federation is to reimburse World Triathlon for all costs (including but not limited to laboratory fees, hearing expenses and travel) related to any of the violations of the Anti-Doping Rules committed by their athletes and coaches.
  • Sanctions must be taken inside the Russian National Triathlon Federation for any coach or official that is involved in any doping violation, and collaboration must be made with World Triathlon disciplinary bodies.

Whether these measurements will actually help to avoid the use of doping among Russian trithletes remains questionable, given the fact that the Russian doping authorities (RUSADA) that are now trusted by World Triathlon to comply with these rules, is the same organization on which the Court of Arbitration for Sport in December 2020 ruled that they do not follow WADA rules.