Cameron Wurf starts 2022 with a 10K swim: “I’m dizzy”

(Photo: Cameron Wurf)

After spending much of his time in the saddle, chasing a pro cycling career and riding for team Ineos, Australia’s Cameron Wurf made a clear statement that this year his focus is on the Ironman World Championship. And he seems to know what needs work, because on Jan. 1, 2022 Wurf athlete swam 10,081 meters. It took him 2:39 hours, which comes down to a pace of 1:34 minute per 100 meters.

It’s an exceptionally long training, but especially for Wurf, because these past few weeks he hadn’t spent that much time in the water. Generally, his swim sessions are “only” about 50 minutes long.

On the bike, Wurf is definitely not afraid of long sessions. He didn’t only start 2022 off well, he also ended 2021 with a bang, as he rode 150 km in 5:38 hours with an elevation gain of 2993 meters on Dec. 31, 2021.

Just before Christmas, Wurf signed for another year with pro cycling team Ineos. While Wurf mentioned that he enjoys having a team behind him and that he looks forward to making a contribution during races, his focus this year remains on Kona.