Heather Jackson announces new bike sponsor … a bank

Photo: Heather Jackson YouTube channel

Earlier this year we learned that Heather Jackson would no longer be riding for Argon18, but when she announced that news she didn’t provide any information on who her new bike sponsor would be. In a video posted on YouTube the American star let her fans know that her new bikes sponsor is Waterfall Bank.

In the video she explains how the bike sponsorship came about. Jackson met Ben Atkins, the Chairman of the Board at Waterfall Bank, a couple of years ago, and he has been supporting her for a few years.

“He came to us and said ‘how can I help you guys this year,'” Jackson says in the video. “We were trying to figure out what we were going to do on the bike side of things and he wanted to sponsor my bike. So I’m riding a Waterfall Banking bike …”

The bike appears to be a Cervelo P5 that’s been repainted and rebadged with Waterfall Bank decals. On Instagram she thanks Moxie Multisport, a bike store in Arizona, for building up the new bike for her.

Waterfall Bank is also the title sponsor of the upcoming “Couples Championship” which will feature some of the sport’s fastest couples competing for a $100,000 prize purse. Since Jackson couldn’t convince her husband, Sean (Wattie) Watkins to compete, she’ll be commentating on the race alongside Greg Bennett.

You can find out more about Jackson’s new bike deal and check out some of her training in this video: