The “Unconventional” Titanium Triathlon returns to Italy in 2022

The second edition of the Titanium Challenge – dubbed the unconventional triathlon – is set to take place in Tuscany, Italy again this year on May 28. The race totals 2 km of swimming, 105 km of cycling and 30 km of running, but not in the traditional order we’re used to seeing in most triathlon races.

The day begins with a 65 km bike ride from Montecatini to Viareggio. Once the competitors have finished that leg, they do a 2.1 km run on the road before doing a 2.1 km run on the sand at Versilia beach. That’s followed by a 2 km swim in the Mediterranean. Then there’s a 27.45 km bike to the historic city of Lucca. Once there the athletes complete a 31 km run on the preserved city walls (8 laps) of Lucca. The ancient walls of the city are considered amongst the most impressive in Europe. Once that is completed the competitors finish their day with another bike ride, this time a 37.55 km effort back to Montecatini.

The race offers a 10,000 Euro prize purse (5,000 Euros to the first man and 5,000 Euros to the first woman) and is a fundraiser for the AIRC Foundation for Cancer Research.

You can find more information about this unique race here.