Xterra addWhistler, B.C., Canada to World Tour

Karsten Madsen exits the water at the Whistler X Triathlon. Photo: xterraplanet.com

One of the world’s most famous ski resorts will be hosting an event on the Xterra World Tour this summer – Xterra Whistler will take place on June 11 and 12. The weekend will include off-road triathlon, trail running and swimming events. The race, previously known as the Whistler X Off-Road Triathlon, will now become part of the “Xterra family.”

“I love the vibe surrounding Xterra and off-road triathlon. It’s fun, it’s laid back (even when you want to be competitive), and it’s such a great experience,” says Kristian Marietta, who co-founded the Whistler X event in 2019. “I’m looking forward to further bringing the stoke for the athletes that come and race here, the global epicentre for mountain biking and trail running.”

Whistler is renowned around the world as one of the hosts of the 2010 Winter Olympics, and also served as the host of Ironman Canada from 2013 to 2019. It is an outdoor-lover’s dream in the summer, with lots of activity options to go along with the ample lodging and expansive entertainment and dining options.

“Whistler is a world-class destination with things to do for the whole family,” says Canadian Xterra pro Karsten Madsen, who lives in Whistler. “I enjoy taking my pup Lucas on the trails around Lost Lake where the swim is. It’s a stunning course, both visually and technically. It’s well built, world-class single track, and what makes it even better is that it can be ridden by athletes of many different abilities. The event is a total ace.”

“Whistler is an excellent destination, and the trails are amazing,” says fellow Canadian Xterra pro Katie Button. “Where they produce the race is very manageable for most riding levels. I’d definitely recommended it for anyone who wants to challenge themselves and then enjoy the beauty of Whistler.”

The race will not have an elite prize purse this year, but will serve as the B.C. Cross Triathlon Championship and offer qualifying spots to the 2022 Xterra World Championships in Trentino, Italy.