Extreme: Dirk Leonhardt sets world record for longest triathlon on ice

(Photo: Ingo Kutsche)

Germany’s world-record hunter Dirk Leonhardt (47) added a fifth world record to his palmares: the world record of the longest triathlon on ice. In Frankfurt, Germany, on Mar. 14, Leonhardt – AKA the Iceman – covered a distance of 164.4 km by skating 42 km, cycling 80 km with a mountain bike on the frozen track, and running 42 km on that same track.

Leonhardt already achieved four world records before: the record for the fastest 100-meter run underwater, the record for most countries visited by bike within seven days, the record for longest non-stop stair walking, and the world record for longest triathlon (200 km swim, 5400 km bike, 1300 km run). Whether these records are actually official, achieved and checked is unclear, though.

In order to cover the distance of 80 km of cycling, Leonhardt made use of a bike with special spike tires, that would help him have a better grip on the ice.

Leonhardt didn’t only pull off the longest triathlon on ice to push is ego, he also raised funds for a children’s hospice.