Gustav Iden at altitude, preparing for St. George: “Train, eat, sleep, repeat” [VIDEO]

(Photo: YouTube Mikal Iden)

“Train, eat sleep, repeat… Not much else going on in my life. The life of a pro is both very fun, but also very much the same every day.” In preparation towards the Ironman world championship in St. George, Norway’s Gustav Iden – reigning Ironman 70.3 world champion – trains at altitude in Sierra Nevada, Spain. He takes us along during a typical training day on the snowy peaks in southern Spain. On the schedule: a rough run training on and around threshold (3×10, 4×5, 5×3, 5×1 minutes) and 90 minutes of easy cycling to warm up for a quality swim session.

The data behind Iden’s run training you can find here, on Strava. Funny note: Iden ran so fast that Strava flagged his run as a bike ride.