Marisol Casado part of “high-level” group that addressed EU on more gender equality in sport

Photo: World Triathlon/ Tommy Zaferes

World Triathlon President and IOC member Marisol Casado was part of the High Level Group on Gender Equality in sport that addressed the European Commission, EU Member States, national and international sports bodies and grassroots organizations on recommendations “towards more gender equality in sport,” according to a release from World Triathlon.

The recommendations were made in six areas: participation, coaching and officiating, leadership, social and economic aspects of sport, media coverage and gender-based violence.

Triathlon has always had a good history of gender equality. The first full season of World Cup racing took place in 1991 and included equal prize purses for men and women. The sport debuted at the Olympic Games in 2000, with 48 athletes from 24 national competing in the women’s race in Sydney. At the inaugural Paralympic Para Triathlon race athletes competed in four different categories – both genders competed in PT2 and PT4, while the PT1 category featured men and the PT5 category included women.

“Today the same values stand; equal prize purses and opportunities for both men and women in World Triathlon and we pride ourselves on building a sport based on gender equality and governing body quotas, to ensure women are represented equally in the sport,” Casado said. “We encourage regulation to solicit more female representation at the World Triathlon and Congress have a strong ratio of women who sit on the Executive Board. We also now have another medal event at the Olympic Games with the Mixed Relay making its debut in Tokyo with both genders competing.”

You can read the report: Recommendations and action plan from the High Level Group on Gender Equality in sport (2022).