Transition struggles: are Nike Alphafly’s suitable for triathlon? [VIDEO]

(Photo: Facebook Screenshot)

It might be fast, due to its carbon plates, and that massive heel must have something to do with it too, but it’s possibly not the handiest shoe to quickly put on when changing from cycling to running. The bike-leader of last Sunday’s Europe Triathlon Junior Cup in Quarteira, Portugal, experienced some struggles with his Nike Alphafly’s in T2. Under a video of this stressful transition, some people mentioned it could have something to do with the shoe being very stiff and therefor a harder to get into. That would explain the shoe “jumping” off at the first try.

It’s a shame, because the athlete in this video had showed some guts by attacking on the bike, which saw him ride away from a huge group of 30+ triathletes. However, by the time his shoes were on, the group was back in the transition area too.