Aleksandr Sorokin breaks world record 100K: “A very nice long run”

(Photo: Instagram ultrarunner_aleksandr_sorokin)

Yesterday, Lithuania’s Aleksandr Sorokin broke yet another world record: this time he ran the fastest 100 km ever as he clocked an unofficial 6:05:40 hours. He ran that monster distance during an event: the Centurion Running Track 100 Mile in Bedford, UK. With this impressive performance, Sorokin sharpened the previous world best set by Japan’s Nao Kazami in 2018. The Japanese athlete needed 6:09:14 hours to reach 100K.

To give an idea of the pace that Sorokin managed to push for more than six hours: he ran 3:39 minutes per km, or 5:53 minutes per mile. That saw him run a marathon in 2:32:33 hours, and he completed the first 50K in 3:01:50 hours. That means he also sharpened his own Lithuanian record.

“A very nice ‘long run'”, Sorokin said on Instagram, as he shared some of his splits.

Earlier this year, Sorokin already broke the record on the 100 mile (ca. 161 km). The ultra athlete then noted a time of 11:14:56 hours. That comes down to a pace of 4:11 minute per km, or 6:44 minutes per mile. He also ran the longest distance with twelve and 24 hours: 170 and 309 km respectively.