Pro triathlete Michelle Vesterby: “Three tips for you who want to start running”

(Photo: Instagram Michelle Vesterby)

As a multiple Ironman champion and coach, Denmark’s Michelle Vesterby knows like no other what things you should pay attention to as a beginner runner. Even more so, because she returned to top-level sports after a pregnancy. That’s why she shares three tips for people who want to start running.

“Buy new shoes”, her first tip reads. “If your shoes have been in the closet for a couple of years, then they must be replaced, otherwise you risk getting injured.”

The second tip that Vesterby shares is to build it up slowly: “Take it easy. In the beginning it should not be tough, neither at the distance nor at your pace.”

Finally, she recommends taking good care of your legs by doing some stretching. “Foam roles and stretching”, she writes. “Feel free to spend ten minutes every day pampering your legs.”

“If your shoes suit you, you take it easy and take good care of your legs, then you significantly increase the chance of success and your running start will be a good experience; something you keep for more than 14 days”, Vesterby concludes.