Tanja Neubert sprints to win Europe Triathlon Cup Yenisehir

(Photo: Triathlon Today)

After an exciting final sprint, Germany’s Tanja Neubert just took the day at Europe Triathlon Cup Yenisehir, Turkey. She managed to outrun the Swiss Nora Gmür and Poland’s Roksana Slupek, who settled for second and third respectively.

It was Austria’s Sara Vilic who was first out of the clear water, noting a time of 9:01 minutes. Three athletes followed right in her feet, after which another fifteen athletes reached T1 nearly simultaneously. That saw a lead group of four take shape on the bike, with fifteen athletes a few seconds behind them in the chase group. Thanks to some strong group work, it didn’t take long before the chase group caught up with the first four ladies, creating a lead group of approximately twenty athletes

In the front of that group, athletes were working hard to ditch the weaker cyclists in the back, or at least preventing them from enjoying a free ride. Just before T2, a few athletes tried to escape the group, but it didn’t take long before the group took them back in.

With 20 athletes racking their bikes at the same time, all came down to the run. Five athletes found each other’s company and took off together for the first km, but then Slovakia’s Romana Gajdosova made a strong move, leaving the other four athletes behind. While it initially seemed like Gajdosova would maintain that lead until the finish, after a few hundred meters Neubert, Gmür and Slupek caught back up with her. After a nerve-wracking final sprint, Neubert broke the tape, a meter in front of Gmür, who took second, and Slupek, who settled for third.