Andreas Dreitz crashed at IM World Champs: “A motorcycle stopped in front of me”

(Photo: Instagram Andreas Dreitz)

“Out of the race before it really started.” About halfway through the bike part, news came out that Andreas Dreitz would have crashed. On Instagram, he confirms: “A motorcycle suddenly stopped in front of me in the middle of the lane of the narrow section just after coming down Red Hills Pkwy very fast (around the 82K point).”

Dreitz tried to avoid it, but couldn’t stop himself from hitting the motorcycle anymore: “I hit my brakes hard, but no way to stop so fast and no space to get around it… After a first check, a fracture of spinous process of lumbar vertebra, swollen left thigh and many scratches I’m back in the apartment”, Dreitz says about his injuries. “No further comments for now, but I will be back.”

That it was a big crash is clear when looking at Dreitz’ bike that is broken into two pieces: