Rouvy: ride the Challenge Roth course tonight

(Picture: Ingo Kutsche)

Are you in preparation for Challenge Roth and prefer to check out the bike course the best way possible before it’s race time on July 3? If you are a member of Rouvy, tonight you can participate in a group ride, where you ride forty kilometers on the digital race course of Challenge Roth.

The group ride – open to a thousand indoor cyclists – is, at least if you have a subscription to Rouvy, free to ride and starts tonight at 19:00 CEST.

“Do you want to experience one of the most famous triathlon courses in the world? Join the virtual twin of Challenge Roth; explore the magic location in Bavaria, Germany and measure your strength against fellow Rouvy triathletes who share the same passion as you do: overcoming your own limits and enjoying the spectacular scenery of Bavaria. Many world records have been marked during the 20 years of Challenge Roth history. Now, it’s your turn to create a record on the Rouvy course!”