Sean Conway aims to “beat” Iron Cowboy by completing 102 Long-Distance triathlons in 102 days

(Photo: Instagram Sean Conway)

“For the last ten years I was chasing the three f’s of endurance: world’s first, furthest and fastest.” In each category Britain’s Sean Conway made history, as he became the fastest in something, went the furthest and became the first person to do something, but when that final category was accomplished, he started to look for another challenge. Meanwhile, Conway has come up with a new goal: breaking the Iron Cowboy’s record by finishing 102 Long-Distance triathlons in 102 days. Today, he started his third triathlon.

“I became the world’s first was when I became the first person to swim the length of Britain”, he explains. “I got the world’s furthest when I did the world’s longest triathlon around Britain. And I became the world’s fastest when I got the world record for cycling across Europe. After that, I was like: what do I do now? I turns out there is a fourth category: the most of something… It really annoys me that it doesn’t start with an F… So it’s the three F’s and an M of endurance”, he laughs.

“Today I begin my attempt at the fourth category in the world of ultra endurance: the most of something. And what record have I gone for? I’m taking on the legend – sir, I bow down to you – James Lawrence, and the Iron Cowboy’s record of 101 consecutive Long-Distance triathlons. So I’m going for 102. I think… Maybe more. But probably not, because James set the bar very high. I’m only going to go for 102. That’s probably enough.”

Conway says that he hopes to complete each Long Distance within fourteen to fifteen hours, so that he hopefully doesn’t fatigue too early and has some time left to rest. You can follow every step of his journey through the Instagram account ‘Seanconwayadventure‘.