1500 kilometers on folding bike in fastest time ever: British cyclist succeeds in goal

(Picture: James Stannard)

Just under 1500 kilometers: the Land’s End to John O’Groats – which leads from Cornwall to the Scottish town of John O’Goats – is tough enough, but British cyclist James Stannard made it even tougher. He completed the route on a folding bike and did so without any support. When he completed the monster tour after 83 hours, he also turned out to be the fastest cyclist on the route.

Stennard’s main goal was to show what a folding bike can do and what you are capable of when you have “only” 16-inch wheels. “I really wanted to ride this route once already and if there was a record, I wanted to aim for that,” he said.

Along the way, Stennard encountered several challenges, of which the at times high temperatures were perhaps the most difficult. Yet the real challenge actually came after he finished. “To get back to England by train took me almost 21 hours. In that time I cycled halfway across the country.”