Csongor Lehmann wins home race Europe Triathlon Cup Tiszaujvaros

(Photo: Triathlon Today)

Csongor Lehmann just swam, bike and ran to an incredible hometown win at the Europe Triathlon Cup Tiszaujvaros, Hungary. He managed to stay clear of Czech’s Radim Grebik and Hungary’s Gergely Kiss, who took home silver and bronze.

After the swim five men – all Hungarian except for one – were a bit ahead of the rest of the field: Csongor Lehmann, Matthew Roberts (AUS), Kiss, Gergo Dobi and Bence Lehmann. On the bike, these five worked together to try to stay clear of the chase group. After the first of eight laps, the chase group was more than 20 seconds behind.

In the next kilometers, Dobi, Roberts and Csongor Lehmann hit the gas and dropped Bence Lehmann and Kiss. In the second half of the bike part, the three rode off 40 seconds from the rest of the field, which made it seem like these guys would be the eventual podium finishers once they got to hit the run.

Csongor Lehmann was off to a great start. After the first of four laps, he was leading by six seconds. It was Roberts who followed in second place at that point, and Dobi came to run in third position. In the final kilometers, Dobi and Roberts started to struggle, though. That while Dijkstra, Kiss and Grebik started to move up.

There was no touching Lehmann anymore. For his home crowd, the Hungarian claimed the gold. Behind him, Grebik ran to a strong second place (+0:19). The final podium spot went to Kiss (+0:23). Roberts and Dobi had to settle for eight and 18th place, respectively.