Everything you need to know about the PTO Canadian Open

(Photo: PTO)

On July 23-24, 2022 some of the best pro triathletes in the world will battle each other at the first race of the new PTO Tour: the PTO Canadian Open in Edmonton. But that’s not all, because as an Age Grouper you get a chance to race alongside your idols, as the Professional Triathletes Organisation also offers their 25km and 100km Age Group race.


In the 25km race, Age Group athletes will swim 500 meters (wetsuit legal), bike 20 km and run a flat 4.5 km in town. The 100km race will feature a 2 km swim (wetsuit legal), an 80 km long bike course and 18 km of running. The fresh-water swim will take place in the Hawrelak Park Lake. The bike course is hilly, with around 760 meters of elevation gain in the 100km race. The run part is flat and will count four laps in the 100km race, and only one lap in the 25km event.


While the pro women start their race – the same course as the 100km Age Group race – on Saturday Jul. 23 at 10:45 AM local time, the pro men will race on Sunday Jul. 24 at 12:45 AM. The Age Groupers 25km race starts on Saturday, Jul. 23 at 06:00 AM local time, while the 100km event is scheduled for Sunday at 06:00 AM. That allows Age Group athletes to enjoy the pro events alongside their own races.

How to watch the pro races

The PTO Tour will be broadcasted live on Eurosport and through the Discovery + application. For triathlon fans who don’t have access to these platforms, it’s also possible to view the action on PTO+. More information about that you can find here.


It’s still possible to register for the PTO 25km and 100km Age Group event. Check out the details here.