Ivan Tutukin wins Ironman Austria, Michael Weiss comes in second place

(Archive photo: Ingo Kutsche)

Kazakhstan’s Ivan Tutukin waited for the marathon to run to the victory of Ironman Austria. He needed 8:17:21 hours to stay clear of his competitors. Second place went to local favorite Michael Weiss (+6:35) and with Germany’s Lukasz Wojt – who led for a big part of the race – the podium was complete (+11:39).

Thanks to an impressive advantage of 5:30 minutes after the swim part, Wojt managed to stay ahead during the bike part. A chase group of four men – among them Tutukin and Weiss – followed in second to fifth position.

During the bike part, Wojt added a little extra spice and extended his lead to 8:30 minutes. In the second half of the bike part, Tutukin lost touch with the chase group and eventually Czech’s Lukas Kocar had to let go of the other men too. After 4:25:10 hours, Wojt was the first man to rack his bike. Austria’s Georg Enzenberger en Portugal’s Joao Ferreira followed less than eight minutes later in second and third place, while Tutukin and Kocar hit the run course in place four to five (+11:30). Weiss was in sixth place at this point (+11:49).

On the marathon, Wojt soon lost a lot of time. After 10 km, his chasers had closed the gap with two minutes. After a half-marathon, Tutukin nearly got Wojt in sight, because they were only two minutes apart now. It didn’t take much longer before Tutukin came passed Wojt. Weiss – who had moved up to third place – also started to breathe down Wojt’s neck. A few kilometers before the finish line, Wojt saw Weiss come passed him.

That means it was Tutukin who claimed the win, running 2:47:53 hours. Weiss took him the silver (+6:35) and Wojt settled for third (+11:39).