Challenge Mallorca changes swim course: “We want to be the best triathlon in Europe”

(Photo: YouTube)

“We want to be the best triathlon in Europe and with this goal, we are working every year, listening to our athletes, conducting and analyzing post-race surveys, receiving feedback and advice from the pros, and constantly searching for new opportunities to grow the event. For this reason, we have taken the decision to change the Challenge Mallorca swim course for 2022.” Challenge Mallorca announced a new swim course for the 2022 edition, which is set to take place on Oct. 15. 

The start and finish will be on the same beach as during previous races: Torà Beach. What’s different is that athletes won’t swim one lap of 1900 meters, but instead two laps of 950 meters.

The organization behind Challenge Mallorca explains there are various reasons for that. Firstly, the athletes will swim closer to the beach and won’t be out on open sea. Also, athletes will be spread out over a smaller area, which makes it safer, as it’s easier for lifeguards to watch everyone. Besides these practical reasons, it’s also more fun, because spectators will have a better look at the swim part and athletes will therefor feel more of the enthusiasm of the crowd.

You can find more information about the new Challenge Mallorca course here.