Frederic Funk shares bike data behind third place World Champs Long Distance

(Photo: James Mitchell)

Last Sunday, Germany’s Frederic Funk ran to a third place during the World Championship Long Distance in Samorin. As an “uberbiker” it was mainly that second discipline that saw him claim a podium spot, and therefor it’s interesting to have a closer look at his bike data. To get a feeling of what athletes of this caliber ride, Funk shared his data.

The athlete rode a total of 79.73 km, of course, like everyone else did. It took him 1:42 hours to complete the bike part, which meant Funk reached an impressive speed of 47 km/h on average. The course had only about 19 meters of elevation, but with a wind speed of 30 km/h the conditions were quite tricky that day.

Funk pushed 341 watts on average (322 normalized). He did so by riding a rpm of 81, which is rather low. Funk’s heart pumped 168 times per minute throughout the bike discipline. Funk managed to ride a constant pace, which means there were no huge peaks in the amount of watts that he pushed for a short time; for instance a minute. “No mentionable peaks because I was riding very steadily and only put in more power when I was overtaking during the first half to make sure no one can come with me (~380W for one minute a few times).”

“Anything else you would like to know?”, Funk ends his update. “I want to know how many watts Pierre Le Corre pushed?”, Joe Skipper comments, referring to Le Corre – the winner – who dealt with quite some criticism as he would have been drafting a lot. The Frenchman has already apologized.