[VIDEO] Pierre le Corre dominates the run and takes World Title Long Distance

Pierre le Corre. (Picture: Triathlon Today)

The German athletes were particularly strong behind him, but Pierre le Corre did not let himself get off the hook and won the World Long Distance Championship in Samorin. He decided the race mainly during the final eighteen kilometers of running. 

Le Corre came out of the water behind Jamie Riddle; the two then led the field together and saw a larger group of men follow at about half a minute. On the bike, Le Corre immediately took the lead as Riddle was unable to keep up the pace and quickly lost a lot of positions. Le Corre in turn was joined by a very strong biker Florian Angert, who immediately took over the lead and tried to create a gap. The Frenchman clearly had trouble with the strong wind and occasionally rode close behind Angert to keep up.

When the two returned to T2 together, Frederic Funk had moved up to third place, but at a close distance. Le Corre obviously had the best running legs and saw his lead grow steadily during the run. Winning the race after 3:11:15, he ended up with a 2:14 minute lead over Angert. Funk followed at 4:25 minutes and finished third. 

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