Collin Chartier breaks the tape Ironman Mont-Tremblant

(Archive photo: Instagram Collin Chartier, PTO)

America’s Collin Chartier just won the battle with Australia’s Josh Amberger at Ironman Mont-Tremblant. Chartier crossed the line after 8:08:40 hours, lifting the tape above his head as the winner. Second place went to Amberger, while Canada’s Cody Beals settled in third.

It was Canada’s Antoine Jolicoeur Desroches who was first out of the water after noting a time of 47:54 minutes. Amberger followed right in his feet, while the gap to Chartier – who was in third place – was more than three minutes. That means there was work to do for Chartier during the bike leg. Fortunately, the American found a comfortable position in a chase group of six athletes, among them also Beals.

After 90K, the group took in Desroches, who was no longer able to stay ahead of them. Meanwhile, Amberger stayed lonely, but strong, in the front of the race. Just before T2, Chartier decided to leave behind the group and to shrink the gap towards Amberger before starting the marathon. 2:48 minutes behind Amberger, Chartier was second to rack his bike, while the rest of the group had split up and seen their deficit go up to four, five, or even six minutes.

On the run, Chartier continued his chase with success. Amberger saw his lead vanish with the wind, while Chartier pulled off a strong run behind him. Given the buffer Amberger had after the swim- and bike part, it took Chartier 25 km to close the gap. Once he passed Amberger there was nothing holding Chartier back from winning anymore. Chartier maintained his lead and ended up claiming gold. Amberger settled in second place (+4:31) and Beals rounded the podium (+5:32).