Brent McMahon solos to big win at Ironman Wisconsin

After the swim he was in front, on the bike he was in front, and at the finish he was in front: Brent McMahon just won Ironman Wisconsin with great dominance. More than 14 minutes behind him, Canada’s Cody Beals took second. Third place was for America’s Adam Feigh (+28:23).

Swimming 49:44 minutes, McMahon was the first athlete out of the water after the swim part. Only Spain’s Emilio Aguayo Munoz managed to stay in his feet. The next athlete – Germany’s Sven Wies – was 49 seconds down to these two men. In fourth place, Ben Hoffman exited the water, while Cody Beals reached his bike in fifth place, more than two minutes behind McMahon.

During the bike part, McMahon soon extended his lead. In 50 km, he had created a buffer of two minutes for himself. In a shared second place, Hoffman and Beals were trying to hunt the Canadian down. Hoffman later ended up dropping back, while Beals continued the chase for McMahon. McMahon was hitting the gas, though, and there was no way Beals could get near him. With 180 km done, McMahon was 7:38 minutes ahead of Beals.

And even after an amazing bike performance, McMahon wasn’t done. On the marathon, he continued to dominate the race. Running 2:51:22 hours, he left his fastest chaser – Beals – far behind. While McMahon claimed the victory, Beals settled in second place and Feigh ended up rounding the podium.