Flora Duffy to face Long Distance star triathletes at PTO US Open

(Photo: PTO)

With a prize purse of one million dollar, the PTO US Open draws some of the best triathletes in the world to Dallas. Among them, Olympic Champion Flora Duffy, who’s recently been added to an impressive list of names. Duffy will face – among others – fourteen athletes of the top 25 PTO World Ranking. Besides the pros also Age Groupers will race at the PTO US Open (Sep. 17-18). They get to choose between the PTO 100km race (2000-80-18) and the 25km event (500-20-4,5).

“The PTO US Open in Dallas is the second step in a new era for triathlon”, Duffy says, referring to the PTO Canadian Open that kicked off the new PTO Tour earlier this year. The PTO Tour allows Age Groupers to race the same event as the world’s best triathletes, while they don’t need to miss any of the action, as their own race will take place either before or after the pro event. “I’m thrilled to be competing in my first Open”, Duffy continues. “The schedule allows age-groupers to both compete at the 100km distance, and then kick back and spectate the multi-lap-course battled by some of our sports’ best, for an incredible prize purse. The racing, and the Dallas temps, will both be feisty! You won’t want to miss it.”

“This is an event for sporting fans, pros and amateur participants alike”, Tim O’Donnell, PTO Athlete Board member and former pro triathlete himself, added. “Few major sporting occasions around the globe offer a chance for amateurs to compete beside the best athletes in the world. You can watch tennis stars compete at the US Open tennis but you can’t get on the court at Flushing Meadows beside them.”

Check out the men’s and women’s start list here.