World Triathlon releases new guidelines for athletes returning from COVID-19

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The World Triathlon Return To Play Guidelines for athletes who have suffered from COVID-19 have been updated and are now available to download on

Triathlon’s international governing body notes.. ‘Whilst it is important that all athletes continue follow the local government guidelines in their place of residence or competition, the updated guidance takes into account the long-term symptoms and effects of the infection and their possible impact on an athlete’s health and performance as they return to sport.’

The guidelines point out that… ‘Covid-19 is a multisystem disease, that could be associated with respiratory and cardiac involvement thus influencing exercise capacity. The risk of myocarditis exists even in asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic COVID-19 athletes and if undetected could be associated with sudden cardiac arrest.’

Among the regulations is that exercise should not resume if an athlete has persistent fever, or any ‘red flag’ symptoms. These include dyspnea (shortage of breath or intense tightness in the chest), chest pain, unusual heart rate or exercise intolerance, dizziness and fainting.

Physical examination by a doctor should always be sought and a return to activity pursued under their direction.