How to get onto your bike in a triathlon: beginner to expert level

How to get onto your bike in a triathlon: beginner to expert level. (Photo: Instagram)

While some athletes already put on their bike shoes in the changing tent, others mess around with elastic bands to mount their shoes onto the bike. And while some athletes run and jump onto their bike, others prefer to carefully get ready. You can mount your bike – during a triathlon – in many ways, and if you’re a spectator standing on the side of the mount line, you know how often athletes “fail” to make a quick and safe transition. TrainingPeaks and Natasha van der Merwe show us in what ways you can get onto your rbike: from level one to level four.

  1. Good for beginners or Long Distance triathletes, who don’t mind wasting a few seconds. This is probably how you start when you go out for a “normal” training ride too.
  2. Leaving your shoes on the bike. This requires some practice. A serious Age Grouper might go for this option.
  3. Just like level two, but to make it easier to get going, you use elastics to attach your shoes to the bike, so that they don’t fall onto the ground.
  4. Jumping onto your bike while running. Most pros will do this. You see this a lot in Short Distance racing.
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