Matthew Wright and Marlene Gomez-Göggel win Asia Triathlon Cup Aqaba

(Photo: Asia Triathlon)

Barbados’ Matthew Wrigth and Germany’s Marlene Gomez-Göggel take the day at the Asia Triathlon Cup in Aqaba. Wright got to share the podium with Britain’s Lestyn Harrett, who took second, and Hong Kong’s Jason Tai Long Ng, who took third. In the women’s race, it were the Dutch Barbara de Koning and Austria’s Sara Vilic, who took second and third respectively.

Wright needed 1:51:20 hours in total to complete his race. After the swim part, Wright dealt with a four-second deficit. Given his sixth place after that first discipline, the athlete was right in the mix and joined the front group during the bike part. Running 30:21 minutes over 10 km, Wrigth completed a strong race by running to the victory with the fastest run leg. Harrett finished two seconds later, and Ng crossed the line 24 seconds behind the winner to take third.

Gomez-Göggel led the race from start to finish, because after the swim she was already first to reach her bike. On the bike, a few fast ladies managed to catch Gomez-Göggel. By running 35:32 minutes over the final 10 km, Gomez-Göggel ran to gold. De Koning finished ten seconds later to take second, while Vilic crossed the line in third position (+0:09).