One race left; these are the Challenge Family World Bonus standings 

(Picture: Ingo Kutsche)

With only one race left to count toward the Challenge Family World Bonus – Clash Daytona on Dec. 2 – and Challenge Mallorca just done and dusted, the standings are pretty much on the upswing. This is all the more interesting because at the end of the year great cash bonuses are handed out to the best performing athletes in Challenge Family races.

A total of $125,000 is involved: the best man gets $25,000, the second man $16.500 the third man $12,000, the fourth man $6,000 and the fifth man $3,000. The top five women are paid the exact same amounts.

During the season, professional athletes who finish high at Challenge Family races earn point. Below you’ll find the top twenty in the men’s and women’s rankings, including the number of points they currently have.