Super League Triathlon Grand Finale in Neom; this is the most futuristic city in the world

Super League Triathlon

Primarily intended to attract investors and tourists to Saudi Arabia, Neom, the city where this Saturday’s Super League Triathlon Grand Finale will take place, is perhaps the most futuristic and therefore remarkable city in the world.

A skyscraper 500 meters high and 170 kilometers long (The Line, see video below this article, ed.), no cars but flying cabs, stores and necessities always present at no more than a five-minute walk away, an artificial moon and, according to Saudi Arabia, “technical gadgets” even ensure that there are always ideal weather conditions in Neom. It almost captures the imagination and a multitude of billions are involved in the project, which was conceived by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Neom is betting huge on bringing in (top) sporting events in the coming years. The Super League Triathlon is just a small example of this; in 2029, for example, the Asian Winter Games will be held there, just a stone’s throw away of Neom.

So this Saturday, first the Super League Triathlon Grand Finale will take place and athletes compete for a prize pool totaling $1.8 million.