Zwift introduces Andre Greipel Sprint School Series – test yourself against world-famous sprinter

Greipel on Zwift

Zwift has partnered with cycling sprint legend, Andre Greipel, for the Andre Greipel Sprint School Series. Starting on November 2nd, the four-event virtual cycling series will provide all Zwifters with an opportunity to test themselves against one of the most prolific sprinters of all time.

The events will take place on Wednesdays at 18:00 UTC from November 2nd. Each event is 45 minutes in duration and will be held on four different routes: LaGuardia Loop (reverse), Classique, Fan Flats, and Sprinters playground.

Andre Greipel will lead all events and will be on hand to answer questions from the Zwift community as they ride alongside him.

The events are designed to be social with one exception. Each lap Andre will lead out the group to try and see who can take the green jersey from him.

“I’m looking forward to sharing the virtual roads with many people around the world once again,” said Greipel. “I look forward to reminiscing about my career and some beautiful victories.

“I also look forward to sharing some tips and tricks to help each person get the most out of their legs! We will of course go full gas in the sprints but this should be a fun and social series. I look forward to riding with you all.”

For Zwifters looking for a little bit of extra practice ahead of this series, Zwift’s latest Holoreplay feature provides a training aid for a sprint training session. Users can select a freeride and head out to a chosen segment.

‘Holoreplays will let you compete against yourself with the choice to race your previous time, your personal record, or both. Select one of the four courses used in the Andre Greipel Sprint School Series to perfect those sprint segments.’