[VIDEO/UPDATES] watch and follow live now: World Championship Ironman Hawaii 2022

[VIDEO/UPDATES] watch and follow live now: World Championship Ironman Hawaii 2022. (Photo: 3athlon.be)

Follow the men’s race – NOW LIVE – here.

At 6:25 AM local time (18:25 CEST), the pro women kick off the Ironman World Championship Hawaii 2022 alongside thousands of Age Groupers.

Down below, you find the livestream of the race, and – in case you’re unable to watch the entire event – a liveticker that will provide you with all essential updates. The latest update is placed on top, so by refreshing your browser you will first see the latest news. In front of the update, you can see the race time.


End of the women’s race liveticker. Follow the men’s race here.

9:10:05 hours: Thank you for following our liveticker! We hope you have enjoyed the race as much as we have. We hope to see you back on Saturday, Oct. 8, for the men’s race.

8:08:43 hours: The time differences have increased in the final part of the marathon, but this is your top ten:

  1. Chelsea Sodaro 8:33:46
  2. Lucy Charles (+7:50)
  3. Anne Haug (+8:35)
  4. Laura Philipp (+16:44)
  5. Lisa Norden (+20:56)
  6. Fenella Langridge (+22:39)
  7. Sarah Crowley (+28:11)
  8. Daniela Ryf (+29:39)
  9. Skye Moench (+30:44)
  10. Laura Siddall (+34:02)

8:49:30 hours: “It was so incredibly tough to run nearly 30 km just behind Lucy Charles. Everyone kept screaming that I was close, which I knew, because I saw her, but I just couldn’t get to her. That was mentally really tough.”

8:44:25 hours: Check out the marathon times of the top three women:

  1. Chelsea Sodaro: 2:51:45 hours
  2. Lucy Charles: 3:02:49 hours
  3. Anne Haug: 2:57:57 hours

8:42:22 hours: Anne Haug rounds the podium (+8:35).

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8:41:37 hours: Lucy Charles bounces back from an injury and takes second at the Ironamn World Championship on Hawaii (+7:50).

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8:30:35 hours: The final stretch! About a kilometer left for Sodaro.

8:20:09 hours: Sodaro is on a roll to break the fastest Kona marathon time, which dates back to 2014 and was set by Mirinda Cafrae, who ran 2:50:26 hours.

8:12:05 hours: The temperature on Kona has risen to 29 degrees Celsius, but it’s the humidity that makes it feel like 35 degrees Celsius; which means many athletes are suffering.

8:10:08 hours: Sodaro is leading with big margin. She’s had 36 km, and therefor the toughest part of the marathon is awaiting her. It doesn’t look like Sodaro will struggle with it, though. While she clearly digs deep, she seems in control.

8:04:27 hours: The battle for silver is on: Charles is only 25 seconds ahead of Haug at the 35-km-point. Looking at the race pace, Haug will end up finishing in second.

7:41:36 hours: Philipp hasn’t only past by Norden, but she also just caught up with Ryf, who’s having a hard time. It means Philipp is currently running in 5th place. She stands a good chance to catch Langridge (4th) too. 8:30:3

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7:39:20 hours: She had to deal with a huge disappointment when she received a five-minute penalty, but Laura Philipp fights her way back. She ran from an 11th place in T2 to a 7th place at the 26K point. Philipp will likely catch Lisa Norden (6th) soon too, and then she will continue her hunt for Ryf (5th).

7:36:26 hours: Imagine Jan Frodeno personally handing you a cup of ice. It could happen today, because the three-time Ironman World Champion may not be able to race on Saturday, he’s still present on Kona and cheering on other athletes. And while he’s standing on the side of the course anyway, he might as well help out the volunteers!

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7:18:40 hours: Check out the race top eight 22 km into the marathon.

  1. Chelsea Sodaro
  2. Lucy Charles (+3:15)
  3. Anne Haug (+4:57)
  4. Fenella Langridge (+7:28)
  5. Daniela Ryf +8:53
  6. Sara Svensk (+10:04)
  7. Lisa Norden (+10:42)
  8. Laura Philipp (+12:01)

7:14:11 hours: Sodaro still takes her time in the aid stations and is leading strong. We’re about halfway through the marathon now. The first half-marathon, Sodaro ran in a time of approximately 1:23 hour.

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7:05:08 hours: Haug and Sodaro take turns when it comes to who’s running the fastest pace. Sometimes the gap get smaller, but then it will soon widen again, before Haug again closes into Sodaro. The two are battling virtually, but in between them Charles so far holds on to her second place

6:55:34 hours: Anne Haug working hard to defend her Ironman World Championship title that dates back to 2019. The German was the last one to win the race on Kona before COVID-19 struck. While Haug runs steadily, Sodaro is running slightly faster. However, Sodaro is a Kona Rookie and only races her second-ever Long Distance today. Will Haug’s experience in these conditions play in her favor? We will have to find out!

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6:54:41 hours: Charles is still in second place, but she sees the distance between herself and Sodaro widening. It’s 1:10 minute 17K into the marathon.

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6:47:20 hours: Haug has entered the top three. She is 3:57 minute behind Sodaro and running slightly faster. With Haug moving to third, Langridge dropped back to fourth place and Ryf is in 5th place.

6:29:45 hours: We have a new race leader! Sodaro has caught up with Charles – after 13 km – on an uphill section. And that’s not the only shuffle, because also Ryf and Langridge have changed places. That means the top five is as follows:

  1. Chelsea Sodaro
  2. Lucy Charles
  3. Fenella Langridge
  4. Daniela Ryf
  5. Anne Haug
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6:25:40 hours: It won’t take much longer before Ryf will also have to let Langridge pass by. There are only six seconds between these two, who are now running in a respective third and fourth place.

6:20:23 hours: From behind, Haug has moved to 6th place. She’s running strong and is currently 4:44 minutes behind Charles. That was 5:36 minutes when starting the marathon.

6:19:38 hours: Sodaro is taking her time at the aid stations to cool herself down and take in nutrition.

6:16:17 hours: In 2.5 km Sodaro has closed the gap to Charles with 44 seconds. 8.6 km into the race, there is only 1:11 minutes of a buffer left for Charles. That doesn’t seem to be enough for Charles to keep Sodaro out of her way. We’re not even 10K into the marathon, but there is some interesting developments in the front of the race.

6:11:26 hours: Ryf fades away and is now – 7K into the race – more than 2 minutes behind Charles.

6:09:25 hours: Charles is running on a tough section of the course, and it seems to hit her hard. She’s still leading, but Sodaro is approaching fast. It’s a competitor that Charles likely hadn’t seen coming. While most eyes were on athletes like Daniela Ryf, Laura Philipp and Anne Haug, Sodaro could be the surprise of the day.

6:05:37 hours: Ryf – still in second – is struggling. Her pace has dropped significantly, and Chelsea Sodaro just ran past her. It’s not only that Ryf is slowing down, because Sodaro is currently the strongest runner in the field.

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5:53:39 hours: Laura Philipp was doing well, but a penalty got in her way. Philipp ended up reaching T2 in 11th position (+10:16). She’s a strong runner and has the potential to run back into the top five. However, the podium seems off limit for the German, who was considered one of the favorites for a medal.

5:52:59 hours: The gap between Charles and Ryf – after 3.2 km – has increased to 50 seconds.

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5:47:50 hours: Our fastest cyclist of the day: Daniela Ryf (4:36:11 hours)

5:44:50 hours: The greatest fear of the race leaders: Anne Haug on the marathon. The German athlete is able to run a 2:40-hour marathon and if she would do so today, it would be difficult for Charles and Ryf to keep her off. Meanwhile, Haug smells blood.

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5:41:31 hours: Charles closes up to Ryf within the blink of an eye and takes over.

5:41:20 hours: Check out the top seven in T2 down below:

  1. Daniela Ryf
  2. Lucy Charles (+0:17)
  3. Fenella Langridge (+0:58)
  4. Lisa Norden (+3:06)
  5. Chelsea Sodaro (+3:38)
  6. Sara Svensk (+3:38)
  7. Anne Haug (+5:36)

5:36:12 hours: Ryf is off the bike! The gap to Charles is about 10 seconds. While Langridge is now about a minute back.

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5:31:40 hours: While Charles tries to hang on, Langridge loses touch with Ryf and Charles.

5:31:22 hours: We have our answer: Ryf is not going to sit back and relax in the group. The Angry Bird continues to attack and seems to aim to create a nice buffer for herself for the marathon.

5:24:10 hours: While in the front of the race, much has been going on, Lisa Norden has moved up strongly after her penalty. Norden is now only 2:59 down to the leaders and in fifth place. Impressive, as she stood on the side of the road for 5 minutes.

5:23:40 hours: Haug is only 4:20 minute behind the first women, and knowing the marathon times that the German athlete can run, still anything can happen.

5:23:22 hours: Ryf is at the front of the race! She blasted past Langridge and Charles.

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5:19:14 hours: 17 seconds at 168 km. That’s all that’s left between Charles, Langridge and Ryf. Will Ryf continue her surge or settle behind Charles and Langridge to get prepared for the run?

5:00:05 hours: Charles and Langridge still on top. But for how much longer?

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4:55:10 hours: Ryf is going fast! Only 55 seconds left. It seems highly likely that Ryf will end up joining Charles and Langridge, or maybe she will just fly past them before she racks her bike back in T2 in first position.

4:42:09 hours: 1:39 minutes left until the front for Ryf.

4:36:12 hours: While in the back of the field quite some women have received a penalty for drafting, in the front of the race, the motors are helping out Charles and Langridge. And they’re not at a distance of 12 meters.

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4:30:30 hours: Ryf is 1:54 minutes behind Charles and Langridge. Will she catch them before T2? About 40K left!

4:28:40 hours: Not only Ryf is making up time, so is Charles, because she’s back in the lead! It’s not killing the great vibe that Langridge is in, though, because she still waved at the crowd when there were some people waving their shirts at her.

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4:15:07 hours: WOW! Daniela Ryf is on a roll! What a power biker! She just overtook both Sodaro and Moench, and is now in third position.

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4:12:18 hours: It might only be a few seconds, but Charles is getting closer to Langridge again. While she was 15 seconds behind at 111K, she’s 11 seconds behind at 125K.

4:08:23 hours: It won’t take much longer before Ryf – now in fifth – will join the 3rd and 4th woman: Chelsea Sodaro and Skye Moench. Ryf currently average at an impressive speed of 28.48 miles per hour (ca. 46 km/h).

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4:00:01 hours: Lisa Norden doesn’t let a penalty get in her way; her deficit to Langridge is only 5:47 minutes now, while she had to wait on the side of the road for five minutes. That means she’s impressively strong. Laura Philipp – who also had a five-minute penalty – also makes up some of the time she lost; she’s now in 13th position and 8:45 minutes behind Langridge.

3:52:01 hours: Ryf has left her pack behind and is now solo chasing. She looks strong! At 111 km, she’s in 6th place and 3:31 minutes behind Langridge.

3:49:07 hours: The time difference between Langridge (1st) and Charles (2nd) is now 15 seconds.

3:44:31 hours: Kat Matthews finished 2nd at the Ironman World Championship in St. George earlier this year, but wasn’t able to race today due to a car-bike crash two weeks ago. In the livestream, Matthews – who’s on Kona – talked about her injuries and the “tough” race that’s going on. “I know I can get back there and continue to improve the next years. I’m not really worried. I’m just waiting for the bones to heal and to get back on it during Christmas”, Matthews says about her comeback.

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3:41:40 hours: Ryf works hard to try to drop another defending champion, Haug, who will be a big treat to her on the marathon.

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3:39:05 hours: Langridge is putting the hammer down. In the back of the photo below, you can still see Charles. Is Langridge over biking, and is Charles playing it smart? Or is Langridge just having a strong day, while Charles isn’t in the best shape after struggling with an injury all summer?

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3:33:40 hours: The group of Ryf, Bleymehl, Svensk and Haug is now only 4:09 minutes behind Langridge.

3:32:16 hours: For some reason, McCauley was soon released from the penalty box, while she entered after Norden, who still needs to sit out her time.

3:31:10 hours: Lisa Norden, Jocelyn McCauley and Rebecca Clarke now sit out a five-minute penalty too. That makes already five women – that we know of – who have received a penalty for drafting.

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3:30:20 hours: Langridge has created a little gap to Charles, who’s now about 50 meters behind and in second position. Meanwhile, behind them the group of now four women – Norden, McCauley, Sodaro and Moench – is just over two minutes behind Langridge, which means they are rapidly closing in.

3:21:02 hours: The gap between Charles/Langridge and the chase group – now containing six women – has shrunk to 3 minutes, while the group of Ryf is 4:26 minutes behind. At the 80 km point, the top 15 is as follows:

  1. Lucy Charles
  2. Fenella Langridge (+0:01)
  3. Jocelyn McCauley (+3:05)
  4. Lisa Norden (+3:06)
  5. Skye Moench (+3:08)
  6. Chelsea Sodaro (+3:10)
  7. Rebecca Clarke (+3:12)
  8. Lauren Brandon (+3:32)
  9. Daniela Ryf (+4:26)
  10. Daniela Bleymehl (+4:27)
  11. Anne Haug (+4:28)
  12. Sara Svensk (+4:29)
  13. Laura Siddall (+7:41)
  14. Haley Chura (+8:22)
  15. Laura Philipp (+9:07)

3:20:22 hours: Sarah True has decided to withdraw from the race. It’s unclear for what reason, but she’s not injured.

3:11:47 hours: Lucy Charles pushing hard in front of the race, while enjoying Langridge’s company.

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3:09:03 hours: The first women – still Charles and Langridge – are approaching the highest point of the course. See the course profile down below.

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2:57:36 hours: In the front of the field Charles and Langridge are definitely enjoying the leader-draft-advantage, as they are surrounded by motorbikes, that don’t always keep a great distance between themselves and the athletes. Something that fans – who are watching online – have started to notice too.

2:48:34 hours: Philipp is back on her bike too. Probably eager to make up for the time lost in the penalty tent. She has dropped back to 18th place and has to deal with a 10-minute deficit.

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2:36:56 hours: Charles and Langridge are getting ready for the climb up to Hawi (67 km).

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2:34:11 hours: While there was barely any wind before, it seems like the wind has started to pick up a bit.

2:28:00 hours – Philipp is angry about her penalty, but back onto the bike. She’s currently riding solo, which will make it hard for her to compensate for the time lost. Not only physically, but definitely also mentally. While sitting out her penalty, Philipp couldn’t stop her tears.

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2:22:27 hours: With two of the race favorites sitting out a five-minute penalty on the side of the course, the dynamics have changed. Philipp is no longer with a group, and will now need to make a solo comeback, although she might be able to tag along with Crowley, who can leave the penalty box just ahead of her. While Philipp was with the group of Ryf/Haug/Bleymehl/Svensk/Chura (position 11-16), Crowley was riding with Moench/Norden/McCauley/Sodaro (position 5-9) before.

2:17:05 hours: Laura Philipp now stopped in the penalty box too.

2:16:30 hours: Sarah Crowley is sitting out a five-minute penalty in the penalty box.

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2:15:40 hours: While Brandon and Clarke are only 30 seconds ahead of Norden and Moench, in front, Charles and Langridge are still the leading duo. The group of Ryf is now only 5:33 down to Charles and Langridge. While the group of Ryf still rides faster, the difference with Langridge-Charles is not as big as before, which means they’re not approaching the leaders as fast as earlier.

2:00:08 hours: Lisa Norden and Skye Moench will likely soon merge with the group of Lauren Brandon and Rebecca Clarke, as both of them ride faster than the current third and fourth woman.

1:58:17 hour: While the group of Ryf is now less than 6 minutes behind, the gap between Charles/Langridge and their first chasers – Brandon and Clarke – has grown to nearly two minutes.

1:57:01 hour: There is hardly any wind on Kona today. That makes it hot, but the cycling conditions relatively easy.

1:56:50 hour: Time differences after 40 km of cycling!

  1. Fenella Langridge
  2. Lucy Charles (+0:04)
  3. Lauren Brandon (+1:56)
  4. Rebecca Clarke (+1:57)
  5. Skye Moench (+3:32)
  6. Lisa Norden (+3:33)
  7. Sarah Crowley (+3:34)
  8. Jocelyn McCauley (+3:35)
  9. Chelsea Sodaro (+3:37)
  10. Pamella Oliveira (+4:12)
  11. Daniela Ryf (+5:55)
  12. Daniela Bleymehl (+5:57)
  13. Laura Philipp (+5:58)
  14. Sara Svensk (+6:00)
  15. Anne Haug (+6:01)
  16. Haley Chura (+6:02)

1:44:28 hour: While Charles and Langridge ride at a speed of 24 miles per hour (ca. 39 km/h), Philipp, Ryf, Haug, Bleymehl, Haug and Svensk nearly touch the 26 miles per hour (ca. 42 km/h). That means they are closing in.

1:39:38 hour: The group of Ryf/Haug/Philipp/Bleymehl has made up 1 minute to the race leaders. Also, Sara Svensk joined the pack. The group is now 6 minutes behind Charles and Langridge and riding in a 12th until 16th position.

1:27:25 hour: After bridging the gap, Langridge isn’t doing any work and sits back behind Charles, who’s still in first position.

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1:21:49 hour: The current top ten:

  1. Lucy Charles
  2. Fenella Langridge
  3. Rebecca Clarke (+0:58)
  4. Lauren Brandon (+0:59)
  5. Pamella Oliveira (+3:09)
  6. Skye Moench (+3:40)
  7. Lisa Norden (+3:43)
  8. Jocelyn McCauley (+3:45)
  9. Chelsea Sodaro (+3:53)

1:19:18 hour: An interesting happening in the front of the race! Charles is caught by Langridge, who’s now riding just behind her (at 12 meters).

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1:13:28 hour: Ryf – AKA the Angry Bird – chasing strong! Although, her group of four so far hasn’t made up much time to Charles (+6:43 at 7 km).

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1:11:13 hour: The app is working again. Lucy Charles leads with 36 seconds to Fenella Langridge after 7 km of cycling. Langridge is in a group with Lauren Brandon and Rebecca Clarke. The group of Ryf/Haug/Bleymehl/Philipp is still outside the top ten.

1:10:20 hour: Ironman is currently experiencing some issues with the timing app. The app currently shows Philipp as the race leader, however, Charles is still hitting the gas in a leading position.

1:09:41 hour: Who was fastest through T1? Check it below!

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1:00:20 hour: Ryf, Haug, Philipp and Bleymehl start the bike part simultaneously, nearly 7 minutes behind Charles. Let’s see how long these four women will stick together. Will they join forces to try to catch Charles and the other women that are ahead?

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58:12 minutes: The big pack is out of the water. That means Ryf, Philipp and Daniela Bleymehl can start the chase to Charles, who’s already been cycling for a few minutes.

54:27 minutes: Charles hopped onto her new bike.

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52:19 minutes – Lucy Charles is first out of the water (after 50:57 minutes) leading by 44 seconds until a group of four entered T1.

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39:30 minutes – With about 500 meters to go, Charles is still leading, but she hasn’t been able to increase the gap. She initially created a big buffer for herself, but that remained about the same throughout the race. Behind her – at 50 meters – Lauren Brandon, Pamella Oliveira, Rebecca Clarke and Fenella Langridge follow.

28:00 minutes: Lauren Brandon is setting the pace in the chase group, and it seems like they are closing in on Charles.

21:21 minutes: Ryf is swimming together with Laura Philipp, while it would usually be Ryf who would be the faster swimmer of these two. Is it tactics or is Ryf experiencing a bad swim shape?

9:28 minutes: Charles is leading the race, behind her there is a group of four women, then a second group of eight; Ryf is behind them in a big pack. Check out the gaps down below, Charles being on the bottom right.

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4:13 minutes: The Age Groupers are lined up and ready to take off too.

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1:30 minutes: We knew Lucy Charles would be the strongest swimmer of the day, but after a few seconds the British athlete has already created a huge and impressive gap. Nobody stands a chance to try to follow in her slipstream.

00:00 minutes: We’re no longer counting down, because the pro women are off! Let’s start the race. 3800 meters of swimming, 180 km of biking and 42.2 km of running. These women have a long day ahead.

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– 1:22 minutes: The palmares of the defending Ironman World Champion: Daniela Ryf.

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– 8 minutes: the women are starting their warm-up in the water.

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-11 minutes: who will we see first across the below finish line later today?

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-12 minutes: 52 women line up today for the Ironman World Championship.

-19:58 minutes: Who to watch today? Some of the biggest race favorites down below!

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– 35 minutes: Want to check out on what course athletes race today? You can find the course maps here.

-43 minutes: It’s still dark outside, but the sun slowly starts to make its appearance from behind the mountains.

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– 50:00 minute – Heather Jackson is quite nervous about the race, “even though I’ve won this race multiple times already… in my head at least.”

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Heather Jackson.

-56:30 minute – Less than one hour to go until the start. It’s 24 degrees Celsius on Kona. The water temperature is 27 degrees Celsius. At the moment there is only little wind and with 88 percent humidity, it will feel like a hot day out there.

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-1:07 hour – Lisa Norden in a pre-race interview: “I respect this island. I’m not only looking at my ranking today.”

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Lisa Norden

-1:10 hour – A bit more than one hour to go until the gun goes off. Daniela Ryf shows up. She is considered the big favorite, as she’s defending her title from the Ironman World Championship in St. George. But how will today’s race unfold. There is some rain forecasted, which is quite unusual for the Ironman World Championship on Hawaii.

Daniela Ryf.