Challenge Roth already announces race date 2024

While thousands of athletes are working toward June 25, 2023 – when the next edition of Challenge Roth will take place – the organization is also already looking further into the future. They have announced that in 2024 the race will take place on July 7.

According to the team behind Challenge Roth, that date was determined in consultation with Ironman, among others. Several major German races take place in the same period, so as more often, the most convenient schedule is jointly looked at so that the organizations do not make things too difficult for each other.

“The standardization of the major German triathlon race dates is very important to us. Ultimately, the entire sport of triathlon benefits from this. Thanks especially to Oliver Schiek from Ironman, with whom we have a very pleasant exchange year after year, and of course to the local authorities, with whom the date arrangements have always been very uncomplicated as well,” writes Challenge Roth.

Registration for Challenge Roth 2024 opens immediately after the 2023 race.