Katie Zaferes on combining sports and motherhood: ‘First time we changed training’

Katie Zaferes (Picture: Instagram)

On July nine, Katie Zaferes became a mother to baby son Kimble and since then, training was soon picked up. But how did that actually go? Was it doable? Zaferes now speaks openly about it.

“Since Kimble was born things have been going pretty smoothly with training and building back into things. We’ve hit challenges for sure but I really haven’t had to adapt much. However this week between travel, Kimble waking up every hour at night and trying to balance training and family time I was treading water. With some shin and back soreness and just overall fatigue, today was the first time we changed training in response to how my body was coping.”

“I’m very thankful for Joel Filliol to be so in tune with my training and big picture perspective. Without his guidance and our communication I would have just done the prescribed. But by keeping in mind now is not the time to push through I know that today’s choice to take it easy will only benefit me in the future.”

“Sometimes when I’m trying to make this choice for a specific session I ask myself “by pushing through is this going to make me better today?” If the answer is no then I take that session to recover so I can be ready for the next one to be able to wholeheartedly answer ‘yes!'”