Ironman launched ‘Commitment Day’ to encourage athlete participation in 2023

Ironman has launched a new initiative encouraging athletes to commit to the goal of completing an Ironman triathlon. Expanding on the ‘Become One’ program, the first IM Commitment Day will be held today, Wednesday, January 11, 2023.

“We are eager to encourage more athletes from around the world to accomplish something truly monumental and cross an Ironman triathlon finish line in 2023,” said Suzanne Cohen, Chief Marketing Officer for The IM Group.

“Ironman Commitment Day is not only a way to set 2023 race season goals, but also expose those new to the sport the benefits of joining the triathlon community on their journey to accomplishing something extraordinary.

“We hope that many who have considered stepping up to the plate, decide to embrace the challenge and start along a path that delivers them to life changing experience and join the family of Ironman finishers.”