The Mexicali Rose Duathlon: an unknown diamond worth discovering

Mexicali Rose Duathlon

Ironmans, races from Challenge Family, World Triathlon or Xterra: there are plenty of races from the big triathlon brands. Smaller races are also there, of course, like the Mexicali Rose Duathlon in Baja, Mexico. This is a small-scale race, but the organizing team is passionated, enthusiastic, driven ánd willing to do anything to make their race a success. Therefore this race deserves to be highlighted.

Make sure to keep an eye on the Mexicali Rose Duathlon – especially if you are from the area. The race takes place on October 15 and offers athletes the opportunity to choose either Sprint Distance or Olympic Distance. The race is located near the beautiful Rio Colorado River, directly bordering U.S. California and Arizona and also Mexican Baja. In other words, the race is a stone’s throw from the American-Mexican border and therefore a perfect race to go for both American and Mexican athletes.

As mentioned, the organizers of the Mexicali Rose Duathlon are doing everything they can to make their event a success. In this, they are mainly driven by the growth that the sport is currently experiencing. The Mexicali Rose Duathlon will be held for the second time this year: last year the race was won by American Dean Sprague and Mexican Cristina Hernandez was the fastest in the women’s race. Most likely they will both return to defend their titles.

The region where the race takes place lends itself ideally as a wonderful vacation destination. After a full season, the Mexicali Rose Duathlon is a race where you can finish your season in style under wonderful conditions – the weather is always nice. The race is small-scale and less grandiose than you are used to from the big brands, but no less worthwhile for that.

Enjoy racing the Mexican way! Registrations are open by clicking here.