Clash Miami just too long for Thomas Bishop, hard-fought win for Jason West

Thomas Bishop seemed to come from another planet when he rode away from everyone on the bike during Clash Miami and only saw his lead increase, and even during the run, victory seemed almost impossible to slip away from him. Yet it was Jason West who came alongside during the last kilometers and in the end took the honor.

Both men started their race well; it may have been Jurgen Gundersen who finished the 1,700-meter swim first, but both West and Bishop followed within seconds. From that point on, Bishop’s one-man show began immediately, as even though several groups were forming behind him, he saw on his own that his lead was getting bigger and bigger. After more than sixty kilometers on the bike, he had a 2:12 minute lead over Daniel Baekkegard, Sam Long and David McNamee, and just under a minute behind these three guys followed Youri Keulen, Jesper Svensson, Samuel Appleton and Maximilian Sperl. Jason West and Kristoffer Visti Graee then quickly rode into T2 as well.

During the run, things suddenly began to get tricky for Bishop. Slowly but surely, he saw more and more men closing in: West thus the fastest of all. However painful for Bishop; his lead got smaller and smaller and in the final kilometers West passed Bishop. West won the race in a time of 2:35:32. Bishop followed in second at 36 seconds and Baekkegard was third at 1:32 minute behind.