Louis Vitiello and Emma Jackson win first Europe Triathlon Cup (Melilla) of the season

The men's podium at the Europe Triathlon Cup Melilla (Picture: Instagram Louis Vitiello / triathlonsp)

Spain’s Melilla hosted the first Europe Triathlon Cup of the season, and it was won by Frenchman Louis Vitiello and Australian Emma Jackson. Both athletes had a small margin, but proved strong enough for victory.

In the men’s race, it was France that dominated the race: the podium was eventually filled by only Frenchmen. So in first place was Louis Vitiello, who proved to be the fastest with a final time of 52:18 minutes. Four seconds later, it was his compatriot Nathan Grayel who finished second and, six seconds behind Grayel, the also French Guillaume Hay finished third.

In the women’s race, the margins were slightly larger, but still minimal, as they pretty always are in races over the Sprint Distance (750 – 20 -5): Emma Jackson won the race in a time of 57:34 minutes, staying thirteen seconds ahead of Switzerland’s Alissa Konig. Nora Gmür, also Swiss, finished third; she crossed the finish line 31 seconds after the winner.