Super League Triathlon and Leeds Beckett Uni: treadmill research at Arena Games Triathlon

Super League Triathlon (press release)

Super League Triathlon (SLT) and Leeds Beckett University are continuing their treadmill research at the final of Arena Games Triathlon powered by Zwift in London on April 8, 2023. That’s necessary, since sometimes it happens that treadmills were struggling during the races and athletes therefore had to quit their races…

SLT and Leeds Beckett originally partnered in September 2022 to begin studies and trials to better understand treadmills for the Arena Games Triathlon, with the impact of running dynamics, sensor measurement and treadmill behaviour all being closely examined.

The studies, headed by Leeds Beckett University’s Dr Barney Wainwright, Dr Josh Walker and Dr David Lunn, have already yielded insights. This resulted in a new sensor calibration protocol being implemented into Arena Games Triathlon to help ensure the accuracy of readings from the treadmills used.

The research will continue as Leeds Beckett recruits a team of elite runners to test the treadmills in Arena Games Triathlon, using a range of athletes to help understand interactions between running style and performance on the treadmill.

Super League Triathlon CEO and Co-Founder, Michael D’hulst, said “It has been a hugely rewarding experience to work alongside world leading experts from Leeds Beckett University to help us establish robust protocols and get a much deeper understanding of treadmill behaviour.

“This is vital in developing a new form of triathlon that is so innovative and we have the right partner to support with their world leading knowledge.”

Dr Barney Wainwright from Leeds Beckett University said “It has been both exciting and rewarding to collaborate with the team at SLT, and their partners.

“Our support has involved gathering data and generating insight on the unique demands of the Arena Games format, and in particular the behaviour of non-motorised treadmills and measurement sensors, and their interaction with runners with varying running styles. So far we have revised protocols to enhance measurement precision, and we are exploring more avenues to develop a greater understanding of this exciting format to help athletes have an improved racing experience.”

Leonid Boguslavsky, Super League Triathlon Chairman and Co-Founder, added “It has been a great honour to help drive innovation and develop a new sporting format such as Arena Games Triathlon.

“As a technology investor I recognise the importance of continued progress; and working with world class experts such as Leeds Beckett University helps to drive forward this pioneering format and also deliver a deeper understanding and evolution of technology to help a wide range of people.”