No one stops Cameron Wurf – runs another half marathon after Paris-Roubaix

(Picture: press release SLT)

‘So bumpy it hurts to pee,’ Cameron Wurf described his Paris-Roubaix activity yesterday on Strava, but it didn’t stop the Australian triathlete – who, as we know, thus also competes in the pro peloton and still combines his life as a triathlete with life as a pro cyclist – from completing another running workout after his ride. Rather shortly after the finish of one of the world’s most famous and infamous cycling races, Wurf put on his running shoes to complete a half marathon.

Paris-Roubaix covered a distance of 262 kilometers; the race was completed by Wurf at an average of over 42 kilometers per hour. His run afterwards was at a very high pace as well: with an average speed of 4:06 minutes per kilometer and three kilometers in about 3:45 minutes per kilometer, the run was serious.