Super League Triathlon makes bid to get Arena Games at 2028 Olympics

SLT Arena Games (Picture: SLT)

Super League Triathlon CEO Michael D’hulst himself says it’s ambitious, but they have the desire to make the Arena Games an Olympic discipline. A bid has already been submitted to become part of the 2028 Olympics, to be held in Los Angeles.

The Arena Games is a format in which athletes run ultra-short distances indoors. D’hulst sees the Olympic Esports Week in Singapore, to be held at the end of this year and of which the Arena Games will also be a part, as a first step toward becoming part of the Olympics. According to D’hulst, the cooperation with World Triathlon – which both organizations faced a lot of criticism for the role of Russian oligarch Leonid Boguslavsky – is crucial in this: “We can’t be part of the Olympics if it’s not a partnership with World Triathlon.”

According to D’hulst, the potential of the Arena Games is huge; something that does not seem to be entirely consistent with the fields of participants that have competed in Montreal, Sursee and London this year. Except for a couple of world-class athletes, mostly younger and slightly more unknown athletes raced the SLT Arena Games this season. A lot of famous athletes generally preferred other races this year.