Kat Matthews: ‘We need more out-of-competition testing

Kat Matthews takes the win at Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote. (Photo: Club La Santa/ James Mitchell)

While just about every pro athlete has spoken out over the past week about the Collin Chartier doping scandal, now Kat Matthews is doing the same. Speaking with the PTO, she calls for more out-of-competition testing.

“We’ve seen so many professionals be outspoken about their views and I’ve read nearly every one, I think, and really valued everyone’s opinions. And the consensus is constantly drawn back to…we need more out-of-competition testing and we need all of the players to play fairly, as in all of our governing entities to come together.”

“It’s a really difficult position for the sport and for us as professionals to try and contemplate and for me at the moment it’s just coming back to trust and I’ve just got to trust the system and trust everyone in the sport. I think also the momentum of us talking about it is a positive. We need to keep talking about it because it needs to be something we address rather than sweep under the carpet.”