Zsanett Bragmayer and Cristian Fernandez Nieto take world titles Aquathlon

Cristian Fernandez Nieto takes world title Aquathlon (Triathlon Today)

Hungary’s Zsanett Bragmayer and Spaniard Cristian Fernandez Nieto have just won the World Championships Aquathlon (1km swim, 5km run). The world titles were earned mainly because of very strong runs.

In the women’s race, it was Márta Kropkó who recorded the fastest time on the kilometer swim: she came out of the water after 14:41 minutes, but was then closely followed by a large group of women. During the run, however, it was Bragmayer – who already finished second at the World Championships Duathlon last weekend – who struck and eventually won the race in a time of 32:56. Slovakia’s Margareta Vrablova finished second, only nine seconds later and Spain’s Sara Perez Sala finished third, 22 seconds after the winner.

The men’s race was led in the water by Márton Kropkó – he came out of the water after 14:04 minutes but again the differences were small. During the run, the race became quite exciting, although it soon became clear that Nieto would take the race thanks to a very strong run. The Spaniard did so in a time of 29:04. Four seconds later, British Christopher Perham took the silver medal and five seconds behind Perham, British Jimmy Lund came in third.