Alistair Brownlee goes Ironman Klagenfurt to secure a slot for Nice

Alistair Brownlee after the PTO European Open finish (Picture: Instagram Brownlee)

Last week he cancelled a few days before the European Championship Ironman in Hamburg because he was not yet fit enough after the PTO European Open on Ibiza, but in two weeks Alistair Brownlee will race after all: he goes Ironman Klagenfurt and hopes to secure a spot for the Ironman World Championships in Nice.

It was a big loss that Brownlee did not start last weekend, but now he will be in action on June 18 in Klagenfurt, Austria. There he will face Iva Tutukin, Michael Weiss, Lukasz Wojt, Arnaud Guilloux, Cameron Wurf and Mathias Petersen, among others. In Klagenfurt, two slots for Nice will be on the line for pro athletes.