Motard Ironman Hamburg dies after horror crash with cyclist

Ironman Hamburg horror crash

What should have been a beautiful day in Hamburg – where the European Championships Ironman is taking place at the moment – has turned into a pitch black day due to a bizarre crash between a motorcycle belonging to the organization and a cyclist. The motard has died in the crash. The condition of the athlete, who was hit full on, is still unclear, but the footage clearly showing both athlete and motorcyclist falling is particularly intense. The race has been shortened: pros cycle 30 fewer kilometers and Age Groupers 60

Ironman Hamburg faced a flood of criticism right from the bike start because there would be way too many motorcycles on the course: dozens of bikes just around the leading group. The video below shows one of the bikes crashing into a cyclist. Striking detail; on the livestream nothing was reported about the accident and even now there is still no word about it.

A video of the shocking incident can be seen, amongst other places, here