YouTube star ‘Average Rob’ completes first Ironman: strong racing at Ironman Klagenfurt

Average Rob completes his first Ironman (Picture: Instagram Average Rob)

Robert van Impe – the Belgian who rose to fame with nearly 310,000 followers on his YouTube channel ‘Average Rob’ – succeeded yesterday and completed his first Long Distance. Early this year, Average Rob announced that he wanted to do race an Ironman this year, and yesterday he crossed the finish line at Ironman Klagenfurt in a more than respectable time.

Average Rob eventually finished in a time of 12:26:19, placing 1038th out of 1881 athletes. He swam 1:03:08, cycled 6:12:42 and ran 4:49:15. Van Impe was coached in recent months by none other than Frederik and Luc van Lierde.

Robert’s brother, Arno van Impe, also crossed the finish line of his first Long Distance. Arno did need a little longer for the race: he crossed the line after 15:39:46. With that, he finished 1815th out of 1881 participants. Arno swam 1:17:58, cycled 7:24:32 and ran 6:32:35.