Chrissie Wellington: ‘Daniela Ryf is such a phenomenal athlete’

Daniela Ryf (left) and Chrissie Wellington (middle) after Challenge Roth (Picture: Insta Ryf)

8:08:21: that’s the world best time Daniela Ryf recorded in her Challenge Roth victory last month. That time is the fastest time ever set at a Long Distance: Ryf broke the 12-year-old record set by living legend Chrissie Wellington. And of course Chrissie Wellington is full of praise for Ryf.

Wellington was even waiting for Ryf at the finish line of Challenge Roth and took a deep bow as she watched the performance of the top Swiss athlete. Now – one month later – Wellington has joined the Talking Triathlon podcast and in it she said she thinks Ryf is the greatest of all time. You can listen to the full episode here.