Hayden Wilde blast to a phenomenal World Title Sprint in Hamburg: ‘This was honest racing’

Hayden Wilde World Champion Sprint (Picture: Triathlon Today)

Hayden Wilde has just become World Champion Sprint in Hamburg in phenomenal fashion; the kiwi decided the race during the final 1600-meter run, beating such big favorites as Alex Yee and Kristian Blummenfelt.

Today only the top 30 men started – after qualifying yesterday via the semifinals and eventual repachage – and the race was over three heats of 300-meter swim, 7-kilometer bike and 1.6-kilometer run. In the first and second heats, the last 10 men dropped out, leaving 10 men to start in the third and all-deciding heat. At the bottom of this article you will find the full top thirty.

In the all-deciding third heat, it was Csongor Lehmann who came out of the water first, but the remaining nine men all followed within ten seconds. Kristian Blummenfelt, Max Studer and Miguel Hidalgo had to sprint briskly towards their bikes to stay connected, failed to do so and ended up a few seconds behind. Despite the hard riding at the front, Blummenfelt managed to get back into the leading group within a few hundred meters, and not much later Studer and Hidalgo also rejoined, leaving the complete ten-man group together on the bike. That situation, despite a powerful attack by Blummenfelt, remained unchanged until T2.

During the run, it was all or nothing for all ten men: 1,600 meters separated them from the world title. At least Hayden Wilde was out first and running devastatingly fast. Seemingly relaxed he immediately grabbed a lead of a few seconds over a chasing group of four, consisting of Kristian Blummenfelt, Alex Yee, Matthew Hauser and Vasco Vilaca. Yet none of them managed to catch up with Wilde, and with that he crowned himself world champion in magnificent fashion. He remained 2 seconds ahead of Vilaca and also 2 seconds ahead of Yee.

Men Heat 3:

1. Hayden Wilde

2. Vasco Vilaca

3. Alex Yee

4. Kristian Blummenfelt

5. Matthew Hauser

6. Max Studer

7. Miguel Hidalgo

8. Tim Hellwig

9. Tyler Mislawchuk

10. Csongor Lehmann

Men Heat 2:

11. Tayler Reid

12. Marten van Riel

13. Antonio Serrat Seoane

14. Simon Henseleit

15. Lasse Lührs

16. Seth Rider

17. Tom Richard

18. Valentin Wernz

19. Manoel Messias

20. Roberto Sanchez Mantecon

Men Heat 1:

21. Roberto Sanchez Mantecon

22. Henri Schoeman

23. Jawad Abdelmoula

24. Bence Bicsák

25. Lasse Nygaard Priester

26. Charles Paquet

27. Matthew McElroy

28. Janus Staufenberg

29. Jelle Geens

30. Jacob Birthwistle