Home victory: Germany wins World Championship Mixed Team Relay

Germany takes the world title Mixed Team Relay (Picture: Triathlon Today)

Right at home soil, Germany has just won the World Championship Mixed Team Relay. In Hamburg, the fourth and final heat was especially decisive in the battle for the world title

During the first three heats several countries alternated at the front of the race. In the first heat, for example, Germany, Belgium, Portugal and Australia took off, while the second heat was mainly dominated by Germany, Switzerland, America, Portugal and New Zealand. The differences were logically small and with all the changes of power, the race was a particularly exciting one to watch

In the third heat, a serious leading group emerged for the first time with a somewhat larger lead; Germany, Switzerland and Hungary managed to pull away and at the end of that third heat only Germany and New Zealand remained at the lead of the race.

The fourth heat was decisive, as it was Germany that made a breakaway during the swim; fourteen seconds of lead were grabbed and during the bike and run the lead increased even further. Germany eventually won the race in 1:22:08. New Zealand grabbed second place 19 seconds behind and Switzerland finished third 27 seconds behind

For Germany it were Tim Hellwig, Annika Koch, Simon Henseleit and Laura Lindemann racing and thus taking the world title.