Lionel Sanders: ‘I’m not even interested in Ironman anymore’

Lionel Sanders done with Ironman racing (Picture: TT)

No more Full Distance races for Lionel Sanders in the near future; the Canadian wants to devote himself fully to the Middle Distance and return there to the level he once had – or get even better. This is what Lionel Sanders tells everyone in his latest YouTube-video.

“I’m not even interested in Ironman anymore, I just don’t have any desire to do Ironman. I have no desire to go back to Ironman right now. The training is just so much that I don’t think you can improve in the disciplines, you can just lengthen out what you already are and I just want to keep improving.”

My goal is to get back on the world stage. My goal is to get back to where I once was and maybe, just maybe, transcend it by one percent. Where was I once? A lot better than I am now. At least on the bike and the run, I’m a better swimmer now than I once was.”

I’ve done some good performances over the middle distance. I won the North American Championships a couple of times, I won the Challenge Championships a couple of times and finished fourth at Ironman 70.3 Worlds.”

I can be competitive, I know I can, because I prove to myself all the time when I go to races underprepared, tired as fuck, and I do okay. Now I believe I can get my body there, and if I can put my body together with my mind, I think I can be competitive against this new era of athletes.”